Bubble Tea/Boba and Coffee Shops that will accept reusables in Portland, Oregon

During COVID-19 times, it's difficult as most bubble tea or coffee shops stopped offering reusables... but as time as progressed, I've created a list that will accept it (of course, in either a contactless and safe manner). Thanks for contributors from the Zero Waste PDX group page for helping

If there is a bubble/boba, coffee, juice bar, etc that's not listed on here feel free to email me at hello@bbteajars.com and I'm more than happy to update it

Updated as of 4/26/2022


  • Auntea Ha, N Portland (opens 4/30/22)
  • Boba Cat Teahouse, SW Portland
  • Boba Licious Cafe, Hillsboro
  • 5Flavor Cafe, Beaverton
  • Ding Tea Williams, N Portland
  • Ding Tea PDX, Woodstock 
  • Mo Cha Teahouse
  • Tea n Tea (72nd Ave)
  • Yoonique Tea


  • Ava’s Roasteria (Orenco Station)
  • Awake Coffee & Art, Sellwood
  • Barista, NE Alberta
  • Bastion, SE Portland
  • Black Ink Coffee (Lake Oswego)
  • Bella Luna Coffee, Cart
  • Bison Coffee, Cully
  • Capitola Coffee, Alberta
  • Cafe Eleven
  • Cathedral Coffee, N Wilamette Blvd
  • Clinton Street Coffeehouse, SE Portland
  • Destinos, 14th Fremont
  • Driftwood Coffee, SW Portland
  • Eastside Coffee, SE Portland
  • Either/Or 
  • Elliott & Murrey Coffee Roasters, Hillsboro OR
  • Extracto
  • Great North, St. Johns
  • Grindhouse Coffee, N Portland
  • Jezebel's Last Standing Merrygoround
  • Jet Set Coffee
  • Just Bob, NE Portland
  • Ki Coffee, Beaverton
  • Kiss Coffee, NE Ainsworth and 31st
  • Lionheart Coffee, Beaverton
  • Little Griddle, SE Portland
  • Long Bottom Coffeehouse, Hillsboro 
  • Nectar Cafe, NE Portland
  • Nossa Familia, Pearl District and SE Division
  • No Wave Coffee, Kenton neighborhood
  • Oracle, SW Portland
  • Oui Presse, SE Portland
  • Ovation
  • Papaccino's, SE Portland
  • Portland Ca Phe
  • Primo Espresso, Tigard
  • Seven Virtues
  • Space Monkey, SE Portland
  • Spielman Bagels, SE Portland
  • Triumph, SE Portland
  • Wild Rose Coffee, Downtown Portland
  • Woodlawn Coffee


  • Bubbles N Treats, Non Alcoholic Soda Cart
  • Lark Cafe & Para Juice Bar, West Linn
  • Tiny Moreso